Tips For Growing A Beard for the First Time: Made Easy Like Never Before!

While we ladies have so many things to accessorize and flaunt about, what is that one essential thing that is consider to be a symbol of manliness and ultimate panache in men? It’s the beard! If you have been feeling the sudden urge to amp up your looks with a defined beard, you are not be blamed my friend. It’s very much in nowadays!

It’s time to stop pondering over the thought on tips for growing a beard especially if you haven’t been able to figure out anything lately, here comes in the ultimate guide! , growing a beard is more about the patience and a steady routine than majorly anything else. Just sitting like a couch potato and let the nature take its course would also not help! But, before you can feel helpless, we have come up with some easy steps that can help you with growing a beard for the first time.

Be in acceptance with your vitals and Proceed

Much before you can actually do anything, you need to be in sync and acceptance that facial hair growth is more about genetics than efforts. Every human born is biologically different, so learn to accept the fact and start from what you have naturally got!

Determining the “Why” of it?

It is always better to be clear in terms of your intentions as to why you want to be growing a beard. Is it because you think a beard would project you to be more masculine or perhaps would make you look serious before people. Whatever be the reason, keep it intact and begin with the process.

During the initial phase, things would seem strange. You would frequently feel the need to scratch. This is where you will have to maintain hygiene. Use a good quality face wash to wipe your face regularly. Invest in branded oil to. Make sure to trim the edges to keep it soft and promote healthy growth but don’t do that before four week of growth as that would restrict growth. Once four weeks growth is in its full swing, you can decide how you want to groom it to earn that “dude” look or a simple “respectable” demeanour! Follow these simple tips for growing a beard really fast.

Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner is true to its name and is a great vacuum for everyday use in your daily cleaning routine. While not meant as a heavy duty vacuum, the Superlite is still powerful enough to tackle the messes of several very active children and a busy household. Can the Eureka SuperLite rank high on my list of the best vacuum for tile floor? Let’s find out… Here’s my personal review for the Model 440 Series Eureka vacuum cleaner.


The Eureka Superlite is just that, it’s noticeably lightweight. I have used a similar sized Eureka vacuum before, and I noticed the weight difference right away. It’s a lot lighter that it looks like it should be, even when it’s full. I took the time to actually weigh the vacuum, out of curiosity, and it weighed in at just under eight pounds with the dust cup empty. It’s light enough that a two-year-old can push it around when it’s turned off, which is always good when you need a toddler around to “help” in your daily household cleaning.

Another bonus of the Eureka Superlite is that it’s easy to clean. The dust catcher is easy to remove and put back in. All you need to do is remove the dust cup, dump it, wipe it out, wipe off the filter and snap it back in. The whole process takes about two minutes. And you don’t need to clean it every day, only once a week or so, or as long as it takes to fill up the dust cup.

The Eureka Superlite also works on regular floors, not just carpets, and has a separate setting for this. However, it works best of tile floors. It picks up well on either type of surface, and is easy to push over carpets or non carpeted floors. The handle retracts easily too, for easy, more compact storage. Fully retracted, the vacuum is about 31 inches in height, and extends a to 44 inches.

I have been using this model for two months now, and haven’t run into any problems so far. I trust that I won’t, either, as I’ve used similar Eureka models before, and they’ve always held up for me. I’ve always been impressed with Eureka, and would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great, easy-to-use vacuum for tile floors.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Three Things to Do when They Wear Out

What do you usually do with your outdoor basketball shoes when they wear out? This is a question that is answered differently by different players. Some take their old basketball shoes and save them in their closet. Others demote them to street wear. And of course, some people wear their basketball shoes until there are holes in the bottom.
But the question remains, “What should you do with your outdoor basketball shoes when they wear out?” While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, there are some things that you can do to get the most out of the situation.

Best Outdoor basketball Shoes: What Can you Do?

  1. If you are fortunate enough to get a new pair of outdoor basketball shoes before your olds ones completely wear out, you should consider donating them to somebody else. You can either give your basketball shoes to Goodwill, or maybe to another basketball player who you are close with. Even though you may deem a pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes to be worn out, somebody else may fall in love with them and put them to good use.
  2. Instead of becoming a packrat, why not throw out your old basketball shoes? If you have no intentions on ever wearing your shoes again, toss them in the garbage. The fact of the matter is that once you get a new pair you will never look back on the old ones. Instead of taking up space, you should instead throw your shoes away.
  3. Even though basketball shoes may not be suitable for on court performing, you may able to wear them in other walks of life. After all, the best outdoor basketball shoes can also be among the most stylish options on the market. You may be able to take a retired pair of basketball shoes and make them your everyday kicks. At the very least this is something that you should consider.
  4. When it comes down to it, you can do whatever you want with your old basketball shoes. You were the one who paid for them initially, so of course, you have the right to do whatever you see fit when you move onto another pair. The three suggestions listed above are only for guidance. You may or may not want to move in one of those directions.

Just remember, outdoor basketball shoes that are worn out are not always a waste of space. This can be the case, but it does not always hold true.

How Do I Set Up A Dartboard?

Want to know how to a dartboard is setup? I am going to walk you through the Dartboard Setup steps. It’s really a simple process and there are few things needed to do this.
First of all you will need a Dartboard of course, a tape measure, screws (usually these are provided with the dartboard if you have just bought it), a hook which you will attach to the dartboard and a marker. These are the basics needed for setting up a dartboard.

If you have got enough room and want a more professional Dartboard Setup then there are some more items you might consider: a dartboard cabinet with a board for recording scores, a chalk duster if you would want to be using chalk for writing or a simple cloth or mutton cloth if you will be using markers for recording scores. A mat for the floor with a marking for the oche in form a wood or you can just buy a mat and a piece of wood separately and mark it yourself – in that case you definitely will need nails. Chalks or markers will also be needed from time to time as they run out a lot depending on how frequently you will be playing.

First of all take the tape measure and measure a distance of 5’8″ from the floor up and mark that point then take the hook, making sure that the center of the hook is aligned with the marked spot. Take note of where the two screw drivers would need to go into the wall by also marking this. Now take the two small screws and a screw driver or drill and drive the two screws into the wall where you have marked that the screws should go to hold the hook in place.

Now onto the dartboard simply take the big screw from the dartboard case carefully drive the screw in the centre of the board at the back taking care not to drive it very deep into the board. Now take the tape measure and measure a distance of 7’9 ¼” from the center of the floor towards where the board will be facing and mark the point, you can simply put a masking tape here if you want things simple. This is where you’re going to be throwing your darts from. In case you’re interested, I think the best darts brands to play darts are Viper and Winmau.

Anyway, back at it: Alternatively you can use the mat with an oche attached and simply put it against the wall where you have done the dartboard setup. Another way involving the mat without an oche attached would be to fix the wood at the recommended distance using the nails.

There is also another method where you measure a distance of 9′ 7 3/8 ” from the center of the bull to the floor and this where the oche should be.