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Many sports enthusiasts are confronted with all kinds of injuries over time such as soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis, medial and lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, patellar tendinitis, trigger finger and more. These usually require more complicate treatments over extended periods of time, but I just found out on my own that there’s another solution more efficient and rapid, so I thought I share it with you. It’s called Graston Technique. Graston is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that was developed by athletes.

First thing first

I am a professional dancer, and I injured myself during the last training two months ago. I have been dealing with some major back and foot problems since then.  All the specialists I have been to told me that I won’t be able to dance again for at least a year so that my foot and back would have enough time to heal. This came as a shock to me because dancing is what makes me happy and just the thought that I would have to stay one whole year without it brought tears to my eyes. Fortunately, I found out from my instructor about an excellent healing solution called the Graston Technique as I immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment at an Ottawa massage therapy clinic where I found out about one of the best specialists in this technique, Dr. Joanna Taylor.

The First Appointment

The first time I met Dr. Taylor we discussed all my body issues, injuries, scars, my foot surgery from a year ago. I told her how it took about 12 months but that now my foot is mostly pain-free post-fascia release. But I showed her that there is still a bump in my foot where the fascia was cut. I expressed my frustration about this whole situation, and she understood me completely. Dr. Taylor pulled out this little metal tool and started talking about the Graston Technique. She performs this for a reasonable price because she wants to help people live without pain. Anyway, she tried out the technique on me during the first massage session, and she used the small metal thing. It felt great, and I could feel all my cracky things in both feet and calves. This instrument is used to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries, and Dr. Taylor used it to detect adhesions within the fascia. After my first appointment, I was a bit sore in the foot area, but I still decided to continue the treatment.

My Overall Experience

Over the course of six treatment sessions, I can tell you that I definitely saw an increase in the range of motion and the functions had been restored in my injured areas. I was impressed because the pain is totally gone now. Graston Technique accelerated rehabilitation, and while you’re doing the treatment, you will be able to continue working, running, and so on. It involves less treatment time, and it’s able to resolve issues that cause patients to live with pain for years. It did this in my case as well. Dr. Joanna Taylor is specialized in Graston Technique, and she has been successfully integrating it into her massage practices for more than seven years. I can definitely say that visiting Kinetic Edge and Dr. Taylor changed my life and I’m able to dance again without feeling pain. The clinic also provides massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments and more.