Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner is true to its name and is a great vacuum for everyday use in your daily cleaning routine. While not meant as a heavy duty vacuum, the Superlite is still powerful enough to tackle the messes of several very active children and a busy household. Can the Eureka SuperLite rank high on my list of the best vacuum for tile floor? Let’s find out… Here’s my personal review for the Model 440 Series Eureka vacuum cleaner.


The Eureka Superlite is just that, it’s noticeably lightweight. I have used a similar sized Eureka vacuum before, and I noticed the weight difference right away. It’s a lot lighter that it looks like it should be, even when it’s full. I took the time to actually weigh the vacuum, out of curiosity, and it weighed in at just under eight pounds with the dust cup empty. It’s light enough that a two-year-old can push it around when it’s turned off, which is always good when you need a toddler around to “help” in your daily household cleaning.

Another bonus of the Eureka Superlite is that it’s easy to clean. The dust catcher is easy to remove and put back in. All you need to do is remove the dust cup, dump it, wipe it out, wipe off the filter and snap it back in. The whole process takes about two minutes. And you don’t need to clean it every day, only once a week or so, or as long as it takes to fill up the dust cup.

The Eureka Superlite also works on regular floors, not just carpets, and has a separate setting for this. However, it works best of tile floors. It picks up well on either type of surface, and is easy to push over carpets or non carpeted floors. The handle retracts easily too, for easy, more compact storage. Fully retracted, the vacuum is about 31 inches in height, and extends a to 44 inches.

I have been using this model for two months now, and haven’t run into any problems so far. I trust that I won’t, either, as I’ve used similar Eureka models before, and they’ve always held up for me. I’ve always been impressed with Eureka, and would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great, easy-to-use vacuum for tile floors.