Kairo’s counselor Plano

After I was faced with a divorce several years ago I found myself not wanting to really do anything in life.  A friend recommended that I try Kairo’s Counseling, and after thinking about it awhile I decided that it couldn’t hurt.  I honestly wasn’t someone who put much into counseling so I was skeptical going in but figured it was worth a shot. I had been to a couple other therapists in the Plano area over the years, but never made a second appointment because I never clicked with them. I can honestly say that I am glad I made that decision to try Kairo’s counselor Plano.

My life was pretty much spiraling out of control and I really didn’t know why other than I didn’t really care about much of anything after my divorce.  My wife left me and I didn’t get to see my kids on a daily basis so other than work I had nothing else worth doing.  I didn’t really like what I was doing for work but it paid the bills so I continued.  After seeing Dr. Bridges for some time I began to see life a little differently.  I realized that since my divorce I had started to drink more and more and not even realize how much or how often. I would come home from work and have a drink to relax and then another and another. I needed to change not only my way of thinking but also my life overall.  First I started my keeping track of when I drank and how much. This was an eye opening experience; I realized that I was using alcohol to numb the pain and loneliness that I was feeling. If someone had pointed this out to me before I started counseling I would have told them they were crazy but after talking to Dr. Bridges and paying attention to what I was doing in life I found that I was becoming dependent on alcohol and I did not want to let it get out of hand.

In counseling I learned that there are some things in life that I can change and something that I cannot and I needed to focus on the things that I could change and take control of my life back. I worked hard to focus on work and find a job that I found fulfillment in and challenged me in a good way. Not a job that I could just do to survive.  I also learned that I cannot control my ex but I can control how I react and interact with her.  I now understand that we had to come to a place where we could co-parent out children.  I scheduled time to see my children and connect with them.  I feel that my relationship with my children has improved so much and now they really talk to me and we enjoy the time that we do get to spend together.  I came to the realization that I had not been present in the last couple years of my marriage and that my children were the one who really had paid the price for that.  Although I had to accept my part in my marriage failing I didn’t have to continue on the same road. Counseling helped me to start over and forgive myself of the past and set to change to future so that I could be happy again. If you’re going through a divorce, it is almost impossible to do alone, which is why I recommend taking a drive to Plano and talking to Brittany once a week.