Vegetable Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Collapsible Steamer

Being a working woman with a family to fuss over I am always on the lookout for kitchen wares that can make my life a little simpler and hassle-free. One of my greatest discoveries was Consevisen’s steamer. While I came across a plethora of steamers online and on the Amazon application itself that worked in much the same manner, I chose to go for the Consevisen because it was substantially cheaper in comparison to the others available. Since it was my first time using a steamer I did not want to make a very expensive purchase only to stash it away later but this appliance fulfilled all my needs and expectations and then some.

Vegetable Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Collapsible Steamer Review

The primary feature that it possesses is that it is easily expandable and adjustable according to your will to fit various pressure cookers, pans and pots (5.3’ to 9”). Because of its versatility, it makes for an indispensable item in the kitchen for it fits into all the utensils you already have at home, so much so that it almost feels custom made.

It comes with a detachable handle and is also provided with an S-shaped hook that enables us to lower it into any pot or cooker and also lift it out once a meal is prepared.

Vegetable Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Collapsible Steamer

Vegetable Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Collapsible Steamer

I initially assumed I’d just be using the steamer for steaming veggies to make a healthy meal but I soon realized it can be used for multiple purposes and multiple recipes from such as fish, chicken etc. Also, I had my doubts about how I could keep the boiling water out of the steamer basket when inserted into the pot but due to its long legs, it remains elevated and well above the water level.

The steamer can easily resemble both a bowl and a tray and hence it can easily accommodate a large portion of food especially if you slice up your food into pieces.

Once the steamer reached my hands and I opened the package I was a little disappointed for it looked flimsy and easily breakable also it is not exactly visually attractive. But upon using it for the first time I realized that the look of the product might put off people but it fulfills all the responsibilities it promises.


  • The appliance opens as smoothly as a flower would with no constraints.
  • The device is foldable and so are its legs which collapse according to your will. Since the legs of the steamer have silicone it does not scratch any part of the pot or pan that I insert it in.
  • It is studded with circular perforations which enable the steam to pass through without any difficulty and also makes it easy to clean up after.
  • Consevisen’s steamer is also found in 3 sizes which is extremely useful. I chose to purchase the smallest size ( 5.3” to 9”) and then later proceeded to buy the largest size too.



  • It can be a bit of a trick to clean up the steamer if it is being used to cook seafood or meat.
  • The steamer cannot be cleaned via dishwashers and is only meant for cleaning manually.
  • Even though the steel is supposed to be of high quality and promises to be rust free it does acquire rust after prolonged use.
  • The idea of installing a detachable handle and hook is commendable but when used to lift it off from a container it is somewhat off balance and can topple over if not done with care.
  • The material is not highly durable. If not used with proper care it is likely to break.

Final Thoughts

Before I started using a steamer I had no idea of its uses but once I have started using it in my daily life, it is hard for me to do without.  Consevisen’s steamer is an excellent combination of design and high functionality for a very affordable price. Each meal I have cooked using the steamer has been high on nutrients and extremely delicious. It might take a little time to master and must be handled with a certain degree of care but every meal I have prepared via the steamer has been well worth it.

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