The Best Ottawa Massage Therapy Clinic

Many sports enthusiasts are confronted with all kinds of injuries over time such as soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis, medial and lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, patellar tendinitis, trigger finger and more. These usually require more complicate treatments over extended periods of time, but I just found out on my own that there’s another solution more efficient and rapid, so I thought I share it with you. It’s called Graston Technique. Graston is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that was developed by athletes.

First thing first

I am a professional dancer, and I injured myself during the last training two months ago. I have been dealing with some major back and foot problems since then.  All the specialists I have been to told me that I won’t be able to dance again for at least a year so that my foot and back would have enough time to heal. This came as a shock to me because dancing is what makes me happy and just the thought that I would have to stay one whole year without it brought tears to my eyes. Fortunately, I found out from my instructor about an excellent healing solution called the Graston Technique as I immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment at an Ottawa massage therapy clinic where I found out about one of the best specialists in this technique, Dr. Joanna Taylor.

The First Appointment

The first time I met Dr. Taylor we discussed all my body issues, injuries, scars, my foot surgery from a year ago. I told her how it took about 12 months but that now my foot is mostly pain-free post-fascia release. But I showed her that there is still a bump in my foot where the fascia was cut. I expressed my frustration about this whole situation, and she understood me completely. Dr. Taylor pulled out this little metal tool and started talking about the Graston Technique. She performs this for a reasonable price because she wants to help people live without pain. Anyway, she tried out the technique on me during the first massage session, and she used the small metal thing. It felt great, and I could feel all my cracky things in both feet and calves. This instrument is used to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries, and Dr. Taylor used it to detect adhesions within the fascia. After my first appointment, I was a bit sore in the foot area, but I still decided to continue the treatment.

My Overall Experience

Over the course of six treatment sessions, I can tell you that I definitely saw an increase in the range of motion and the functions had been restored in my injured areas. I was impressed because the pain is totally gone now. Graston Technique accelerated rehabilitation, and while you’re doing the treatment, you will be able to continue working, running, and so on. It involves less treatment time, and it’s able to resolve issues that cause patients to live with pain for years. It did this in my case as well. Dr. Joanna Taylor is specialized in Graston Technique, and she has been successfully integrating it into her massage practices for more than seven years. I can definitely say that visiting Kinetic Edge and Dr. Taylor changed my life and I’m able to dance again without feeling pain. The clinic also provides massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments and more.

Kairo’s counselor Plano

After I was faced with a divorce several years ago I found myself not wanting to really do anything in life.  A friend recommended that I try Kairo’s Counseling, and after thinking about it awhile I decided that it couldn’t hurt.  I honestly wasn’t someone who put much into counseling so I was skeptical going in but figured it was worth a shot. I had been to a couple other therapists in the Plano area over the years, but never made a second appointment because I never clicked with them. I can honestly say that I am glad I made that decision to try Kairo’s counselor Plano.

My life was pretty much spiraling out of control and I really didn’t know why other than I didn’t really care about much of anything after my divorce.  My wife left me and I didn’t get to see my kids on a daily basis so other than work I had nothing else worth doing.  I didn’t really like what I was doing for work but it paid the bills so I continued.  After seeing Dr. Bridges for some time I began to see life a little differently.  I realized that since my divorce I had started to drink more and more and not even realize how much or how often. I would come home from work and have a drink to relax and then another and another. I needed to change not only my way of thinking but also my life overall.  First I started my keeping track of when I drank and how much. This was an eye opening experience; I realized that I was using alcohol to numb the pain and loneliness that I was feeling. If someone had pointed this out to me before I started counseling I would have told them they were crazy but after talking to Dr. Bridges and paying attention to what I was doing in life I found that I was becoming dependent on alcohol and I did not want to let it get out of hand.

In counseling I learned that there are some things in life that I can change and something that I cannot and I needed to focus on the things that I could change and take control of my life back. I worked hard to focus on work and find a job that I found fulfillment in and challenged me in a good way. Not a job that I could just do to survive.  I also learned that I cannot control my ex but I can control how I react and interact with her.  I now understand that we had to come to a place where we could co-parent out children.  I scheduled time to see my children and connect with them.  I feel that my relationship with my children has improved so much and now they really talk to me and we enjoy the time that we do get to spend together.  I came to the realization that I had not been present in the last couple years of my marriage and that my children were the one who really had paid the price for that.  Although I had to accept my part in my marriage failing I didn’t have to continue on the same road. Counseling helped me to start over and forgive myself of the past and set to change to future so that I could be happy again. If you’re going through a divorce, it is almost impossible to do alone, which is why I recommend taking a drive to Plano and talking to Brittany once a week.

What is Bankruptcy?

The official definition of bankruptcy is “the state of being completely lacking in a particular quality or value.” But when it comes to personal finance, the answer gets a bit more complex. Bankruptcy is a process that individuals, or businesses, go through to repay the debts that they owe. You declare bankruptcy as a way of saying you are unable to pay back your debts, and then you set up a payment plan. Usually, at least some, if not all of your debt is forgiven.

What’s the Catch?

To prevent people from just buying on credit, declaring bankruptcy, having the debt forgiven, then doing it all over again, there is a sort of credit “timeout” if you will. Usually it is a period of 5 years, but many factors will determine the “timeout” duration. During this period, you cannot purchase things on credit and you must be making payments to catch up on your current debt.

It is a great tool and has helped thousands get out of tough financial situations. However, if you try to do it by yourself, and you don’t have an attorney fighting for you, it can be difficult to do. The average person does not know much about the law, especially the specifics of bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy is a pretty big deal, so you want to make sure you’re doing it right and setting yourself up for success. For example, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would be utterly pointless if what you needed to do was file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Also, if you are in debt due to child support payments, alimony, or taxes, bankruptcy will not get rid of those debts. However, there are other legal remedies.

Instead of having to do hours and hours of research on the specifics of bankruptcy laws, I suggest spending just a couple of hours finding a good bankruptcy attorney. Attorneys already know all the ins and outs of the law and understand the kind of situation that you’re in. Feel free to do additional research on bankruptcy attorneys in your area, but if you’re in southern California, I’ll go ahead and tell you, BLC Law Center is the best choice.

My Experience With BLC Law Center

Like many 20 something year olds, I was buried in debt fresh out of college. I didn’t apply for scholarships and took out loans, assuming once I got my degree I could get a job and pay them off fast. Especially since I planned on going through med school, I figured it would be a breeze paying them off on a doctor’s salary. Unfortunately, like many people who start on the journey of medical school, I never finished. But I went to med school long enough to get even more student debt. Ten years went past, and I still had student loans, and on top of that I also had credit card debt.

I actually heard about BLC not long after I finished college. I had no clue how to do my taxes and had fallen behind. I was getting calls from the IRS and I knew I needed professional help. Oh, and if you’re wondering, BLC has all the top bankruptcy attorney San Diego working together. I called BLC and they were able to help me fast and get me back on track. So several years down the road when I found myself in financial trouble again, I knew exactly who to call. They walked me through my different options and before I knew it I was back on my feet, getting my debt under control. Now, I recommend them to anyone who is struggling financially. For more info, visit

Clash Royale Chest Cycle Drop Order

Although it seems random, the chests you receive after a battle in Clash Royale actually follow a certain order. During training you get 6 wooden boxes, and thereafter the chests will fall in a cycle.

Order   Type
0          Silver
1          Silver
2          Silver
3          Gold
4          Silver
5          Silver
6          Gold
7          Silver
8          Silver
9          Silver
10        Silver
11        Magic
12        Silver
13        Silver
14        Gold
15        Silver
16        Silver
17        Silver
18        Gold
19        Silver
20        Silver
21        Silver
22        Silver
23        Gold
24        Silver
25        Gold
26        Silver
27        Silver
28        Silver
29        Silver
30        Gold
31        Silver
32        Silver
33        Silver
34        Silver
35        Gold
36        Silver
37        Silver
38        Gold
39        Silver
40        Silver
41        Silver
42        Silver
43        Gold
44        Silver
45        Silver
46        Gold
47        Silver
48        Silver
49        Silver
50        Silver
51        Giant
52        Silver
53        Silver
54        Gold
55        Silver
56        Silver
57        Silver
58        Gold
59        Silver
60        Silver
61        Silver
62        Silver
63        Gold
64        Silver
65        Gold
66        Silver
67        Silver
68        Silver
69        Silver
70        Gold
71        Silver
72        Silver
73        Silver
74        Silver
75        Gold
76        Silver
77        Silver
78        Gold
79        Silver
80        Silver
81        Silver
82        Silver
83        Magic
84        Silver
85        Silver
86        Gold
87        Silver
88        Silver
89        Silver
90        Silver
91        Gold
92        Silver
93        Silver
94        Gold
95        Silver
96        Silver
97        Silver
98        Gold
99        Silver
100      Silver
101      Silver
102      Silver
103      Gold
104      Silver
105      Gold
106      Silver
107      Silver
108      Silver
109      Silver
110      Gold
111      Silver
112      Silver
113      Silver
114      Silver
115      Gold
116      Silver
117      Silver
118      Gold
119      Silver
120      Silver
121      Silver
122      Silver
123      Gold
124      Silver
125      Silver
126      Gold
127      Silver
128      Silver
129      Silver
130      Silver
131      Magic
132      Silver
133      Silver
134      Gold
135      Silver
136      Silver
137      Silver
138      Gold
139      Silver
140      Silver
141      Silver
142      Silver
143      Gold
144      Silver
145      Gold
146      Silver
147      Silver
148      Silver
149      Silver
150      Gold
151      Silver
152      Silver
153      Silver
154      Silver
155      Gold
156      Silver
157      Silver
158      Giant
159      Silver
160      Silver
161      Silver
162      Silver
163      Gold
164      Silver
165      Silver
166      Gold
167      Silver
168      Silver
169      Silver
170      Silver
171      Gold
172      Silver
173      Silver
174      Gold
175      Silver
176      Silver
177      Silver
178      Gold
179      Silver
180      Silver
181      Silver
182      Silver
183      Gold
184      Silver
185      Gold
186      Silver
187      Silver
188      Silver
189      Silver
190      Giant
191      Silver
192      Silver
193      Silver
194      Silver
195      Gold
196      Silver
197      Silver
198      Gold
199      Silver
200      Silver
201      Silver
202      Silver
203      Magic
204      Silver
205      Silver
206      Gold
207      Silver
208      Silver
209      Silver
210      Silver
211      Gold
212      Silver
213      Silver
214      Gold
215      Silver
216      Silver
217      Silver
218      Gold
219      Silver
220      Silver
221      Silver
222      Silver
223      Gold
224      Silver
225      Gold
226      Silver
227      Silver
228      Silver
229      Silver
230      Giant
231      Silver
232      Silver
233      Silver
234      Silver
235      Gold
236      Silver
237      Silver
238      Gold
239      Silver
Once you reach the end of the cycle, it starts over. This is basically the clash royale chest drop order. There are a few apps that you can use to track your progress through three chest cycle, or you can do it manually.

The difference between pre workout for women and pre workout for men

Pre workout has been the ultimate secret weapon of fitness buff’s for a while now; in particular, men have been using it to amp up their gains for years. For much of pre workout’s existence, there weren’t really any formulas marketed towards women. But now there are. If you’re a woman who takes an old-school, male-oriented pre workout, there are a few reasons you should really consider switching to a pre workout for women instead.

Pre workout for women does away with pre workout ingredients women should avoid

To start things off, yes, most of the ingredients in pre workout for men are safe for women. Key word being most. But not all. And there are two primary reasons for this:

  • The biological differences between males and females, such as hormones
  • The different workout choices men and women tend to make; women, for instance, tend to be more focused on intensive cardio for fat-burning, whereas men are more weight training-focused and use cardio more for fitness than anything else.

Note my careful use of language. We’re all adults here, so we should understand that you can be born male but identify as female and vice versa. Even if someone was born male, if they live as a female or have transitioned to being a female, then they will likely be doing high-intensity cardio like any other woman would do instead of the bulking up/gains men are focused on. So, to find the best women pre workout for pump and vascularity for your needs, you have to focus on and consider both your hormonal status (as in, are you avoiding excess testosterone?) AND your main type of exercise. When taking that into consideration, many women (whether by birth or trans), should be opting for pre workout for women, specifically, because it is safer for women hormonally and due to the way they work out.

On the hormonal front, many pre workouts for men contain ingredients that directly or indirectly boost testosterone levels, like D-aspartic acid (often called D-aa so it’s not confused with aspartic acid, which doesn’t have this effect). This isn’t good for women, as most women do not need any more testosterone than what they already have in their bodies; increasing those levels could cause issues like acne, and in women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), it could cause their condition to flare and lead to weight gain, high blood sugar, infertility and facial hair growth. So, if you are a woman, it’s important not to mess with your testosterone levels unless directed by a doctor, which is why it’s best to avoid male-oriented pre workout for that reason alone.

Workout type is another reason that women should just pre workout for women, specifically. Male pre workout contains creatine (sometimes in high doses). For one thing, it’s hard on your kidneys. Another thing? It dehydrates you, so if you’re doing intensive cardio, and dehydrated, you’re putting your kidneys in double jeopardy by taking a supplement with creatine. As well all know, hydration is key when you get your sweat on, and muscle cramps are bad enough, but no one wants kidney issues, which is the biggest reason of all to opt for a pre workout for women if you’re heavy into cardio.

What is a torque wrench?

If you’re an advanced do-it-yourselfer or just someone who wants to become more handy and independent at home and on the job, you’ve probably heard of the torque wrench and want to learn a bit more about it. While torque wrenches were invented by Conrad Bahr in 1918, unless you work in a field where they are commonly used, you’ve probably never even seen one, let alone had the opportunity to use one. You may only know about them in theory. But, as they are a highly practical tool that does have a significant applicational value, at least a basic understanding of torque wrenches is an important bit of knowledge to have in your arsenal, if you ever think you might need it.

Torque wrench basics

The torque wrench gets its name from its most basic function: It’s a wrench that measures torque. You may be asking why a wrench needs to be able to measure torque at all, but to answer that question, consider applications in which it’s important have proper tension on nuts and bolts, like plumbing. For any application where precise tension matters, you need to be able to measure it to ensure that the bolt is properly fastened—that’s where a good torque wrench comes in. A properly calibrated and standardized torque wrench will allow you to fine-tune the torque you’re applying to your nut or bolt to ensure the right level tension is applied.

Types of torque wrenches

There are several different types of torque wrenches; the more precise your needs are, the more accurate and standardized your torque wrench needs to be. For readability and practicality, this is an abbreviated overview of the most common torque wrench types you will come across. More—especially earlier generation—varieties exist.

  • Beam-type torque wrench: Conceived and invented by William Percy Chrysler in the late twenties, it capitalizes on Hooke’s Law for accuracy, by using two beams: A lever beam and an indicator beam. Though highly effective for basic use, it’s not recommended for precision application due to lack of standardization and the availability of preferable modern variations.
  • Click torque wrench: The click torque wrench uses a calibrated clutch system to preset torque. This gives the user more control than older torque wrench types. It’s also easier for folks to learn to use because you can both hear and see when desired torque is achieved.
  • Electronic torque wrenches: There are a few advantages to getting an electronic torque wrench. For one thing, there is the clear display (usually LED), which shows you exactly what’s happening. Secondly, specific torque values can be programmed as presets for specific applications, removing on-the-spot guesswork. Because of this, you, your boss, your clients—everyone involved in your work process knows exactly what settings were used so there can be no question that you completed the application using standardized procedure. Even better, it can be interfaced with your PC.
  • Click-electronic hybrid torque wrench (aka mechatronic torque wrench): This is a handy combination featuring all the benefits of both electronic and click torque wrenches.
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches: Hydraulic torque wrenches are used mainly in factories and other industrial settings both due to their extreme high torque capacities and the fact they tend to be more appropriate for larger applications as a result.

Tips For Growing A Beard for the First Time: Made Easy Like Never Before!

While we ladies have so many things to accessorize and flaunt about, what is that one essential thing that is consider to be a symbol of manliness and ultimate panache in men? It’s the beard! If you have been feeling the sudden urge to amp up your looks with a defined beard, you are not be blamed my friend. It’s very much in nowadays!

It’s time to stop pondering over the thought on tips for growing a beard especially if you haven’t been able to figure out anything lately, here comes in the ultimate guide! , growing a beard is more about the patience and a steady routine than majorly anything else. Just sitting like a couch potato and let the nature take its course would also not help! But, before you can feel helpless, we have come up with some easy steps that can help you with growing a beard for the first time.

Be in acceptance with your vitals and Proceed

Much before you can actually do anything, you need to be in sync and acceptance that facial hair growth is more about genetics than efforts. Every human born is biologically different, so learn to accept the fact and start from what you have naturally got!

Determining the “Why” of it?

It is always better to be clear in terms of your intentions as to why you want to be growing a beard. Is it because you think a beard would project you to be more masculine or perhaps would make you look serious before people. Whatever be the reason, keep it intact and begin with the process.

During the initial phase, things would seem strange. You would frequently feel the need to scratch. This is where you will have to maintain hygiene. Use a good quality face wash to wipe your face regularly. Invest in branded oil to. Make sure to trim the edges to keep it soft and promote healthy growth but don’t do that before four week of growth as that would restrict growth. Once four weeks growth is in its full swing, you can decide how you want to groom it to earn that “dude” look or a simple “respectable” demeanour! Follow these simple tips for growing a beard really fast.

Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Superlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner is true to its name and is a great vacuum for everyday use in your daily cleaning routine. While not meant as a heavy duty vacuum, the Superlite is still powerful enough to tackle the messes of several very active children and a busy household. Can the Eureka SuperLite rank high on my list of the best vacuum for tile floor? Let’s find out… Here’s my personal review for the Model 440 Series Eureka vacuum cleaner.


The Eureka Superlite is just that, it’s noticeably lightweight. I have used a similar sized Eureka vacuum before, and I noticed the weight difference right away. It’s a lot lighter that it looks like it should be, even when it’s full. I took the time to actually weigh the vacuum, out of curiosity, and it weighed in at just under eight pounds with the dust cup empty. It’s light enough that a two-year-old can push it around when it’s turned off, which is always good when you need a toddler around to “help” in your daily household cleaning.

Another bonus of the Eureka Superlite is that it’s easy to clean. The dust catcher is easy to remove and put back in. All you need to do is remove the dust cup, dump it, wipe it out, wipe off the filter and snap it back in. The whole process takes about two minutes. And you don’t need to clean it every day, only once a week or so, or as long as it takes to fill up the dust cup.

The Eureka Superlite also works on regular floors, not just carpets, and has a separate setting for this. However, it works best of tile floors. It picks up well on either type of surface, and is easy to push over carpets or non carpeted floors. The handle retracts easily too, for easy, more compact storage. Fully retracted, the vacuum is about 31 inches in height, and extends a to 44 inches.

I have been using this model for two months now, and haven’t run into any problems so far. I trust that I won’t, either, as I’ve used similar Eureka models before, and they’ve always held up for me. I’ve always been impressed with Eureka, and would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great, easy-to-use vacuum for tile floors.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Three Things to Do when They Wear Out

What do you usually do with your outdoor basketball shoes when they wear out? This is a question that is answered differently by different players. Some take their old basketball shoes and save them in their closet. Others demote them to street wear. And of course, some people wear their basketball shoes until there are holes in the bottom.
But the question remains, “What should you do with your outdoor basketball shoes when they wear out?” While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, there are some things that you can do to get the most out of the situation.

Best Outdoor basketball Shoes: What Can you Do?

  1. If you are fortunate enough to get a new pair of outdoor basketball shoes before your olds ones completely wear out, you should consider donating them to somebody else. You can either give your basketball shoes to Goodwill, or maybe to another basketball player who you are close with. Even though you may deem a pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes to be worn out, somebody else may fall in love with them and put them to good use.
  2. Instead of becoming a packrat, why not throw out your old basketball shoes? If you have no intentions on ever wearing your shoes again, toss them in the garbage. The fact of the matter is that once you get a new pair you will never look back on the old ones. Instead of taking up space, you should instead throw your shoes away.
  3. Even though basketball shoes may not be suitable for on court performing, you may able to wear them in other walks of life. After all, the best outdoor basketball shoes can also be among the most stylish options on the market. You may be able to take a retired pair of basketball shoes and make them your everyday kicks. At the very least this is something that you should consider.
  4. When it comes down to it, you can do whatever you want with your old basketball shoes. You were the one who paid for them initially, so of course, you have the right to do whatever you see fit when you move onto another pair. The three suggestions listed above are only for guidance. You may or may not want to move in one of those directions.

Just remember, outdoor basketball shoes that are worn out are not always a waste of space. This can be the case, but it does not always hold true.

How Do I Set Up A Dartboard?

Want to know how to a dartboard is setup? I am going to walk you through the Dartboard Setup steps. It’s really a simple process and there are few things needed to do this.
First of all you will need a Dartboard of course, a tape measure, screws (usually these are provided with the dartboard if you have just bought it), a hook which you will attach to the dartboard and a marker. These are the basics needed for setting up a dartboard.

If you have got enough room and want a more professional Dartboard Setup then there are some more items you might consider: a dartboard cabinet with a board for recording scores, a chalk duster if you would want to be using chalk for writing or a simple cloth or mutton cloth if you will be using markers for recording scores. A mat for the floor with a marking for the oche in form a wood or you can just buy a mat and a piece of wood separately and mark it yourself – in that case you definitely will need nails. Chalks or markers will also be needed from time to time as they run out a lot depending on how frequently you will be playing.

First of all take the tape measure and measure a distance of 5’8″ from the floor up and mark that point then take the hook, making sure that the center of the hook is aligned with the marked spot. Take note of where the two screw drivers would need to go into the wall by also marking this. Now take the two small screws and a screw driver or drill and drive the two screws into the wall where you have marked that the screws should go to hold the hook in place.

Now onto the dartboard simply take the big screw from the dartboard case carefully drive the screw in the centre of the board at the back taking care not to drive it very deep into the board. Now take the tape measure and measure a distance of 7’9 ¼” from the center of the floor towards where the board will be facing and mark the point, you can simply put a masking tape here if you want things simple. This is where you’re going to be throwing your darts from. In case you’re interested, I think the best darts brands to play darts are Viper and Winmau.

Anyway, back at it: Alternatively you can use the mat with an oche attached and simply put it against the wall where you have done the dartboard setup. Another way involving the mat without an oche attached would be to fix the wood at the recommended distance using the nails.

There is also another method where you measure a distance of 9′ 7 3/8 ” from the center of the bull to the floor and this where the oche should be.