Mrs. Vintage is an event design and vintage rental company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Quality and aesthetics are our top priority when sourcing vintage treasures. We stock a wide range of vintage rental pieces from apple crates to cake plates, and our collection grows larger by the day. Each piece has been hand-selected and embodies traditional New Orleans charm. Please contact us to come take a look at vintage rentals in person!

Well hello! I’m Julia, the vintage loving lady behind Mrs. Vintage. Back in November of 2011, while busily planning my own nuptials, an idea popped into my head so crazy I thought for sure I could never pull it off. Fast forward a few months to February of 2012 and my little seed of an idea had blossomed into New Orleans’ first vintage rental company- Mrs. Vintage.

I’m a California native, but New Orleans has definitely stolen a piece of my heart. I have a great affinity for handmade goods, and products that tell a story. I strongly believe in quality over quantity and prefer simplicity and elegance to all else. While I’m currently a city dweller, my dream would be to have a big white farmhouse with black shutters and a wrap around porch. Oh, and a barn. With chickens roaming about. Thanks so much for stopping by!